Commercial Machine Miele WS 5190 E / HD

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Completely overhauled washing machine

Drum storage Sealings Damper unit Water valves

Engine mounting Water inlet Water outlet E Protect new.

Filling weight: 19 kg

Drum volume: 186 l

Spin speed: 1000 rpm.



Electronic control Multitronic


Manual control liquid metering module


Additional functions via programming function keys


Display of temperature and remaining time

9.5 h start time delay


Domestic equipments:

freely under-washed special radiator

Drain valve directly on the tub

Cold and hot water connection






4-fold cistern in the machine lid



freely deployable washer-extractor

Machine front and lid made of stainless steel, side walls

galvanized and burnt-coated blue

Stainless steel tub and washing drum

solid drum hole

large, wide-opening machine door without bellows

Dimensions: 1250 x 920 x 1040 mm (H / W / D) 

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