Washing Drum Repair Drum Mandrel WS 5100

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Article : Washing Drum Repair Drum Mandrel WS 5100

State : New

Delivery : 1 Piece

Suitable for Brand : Miele

WS 5510,WS 5514,

WS 5100,WS 5140,

WS 5101,WS 5141

characteristics :

Drum mandrel, drum star for Miele WS 5510,

WS 5514, WS 5100, WS 5140, WS 5101, WS 5141.

Drum mandrel Wash drum star.

Replacement of the drum mandrel when the bearing seat runs in.

This is an exchange article.

The old part must be send back.

The pledge iwill be paid back after

the receipt of the old part.


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