Miele Elektronik EDPW 160 - Repair

Product no.: 61050

In stock
can be shipped within 3-5 days

Price includes VAT, plus delivery
Delivery weight: 3,000 g

If the following errors exist, you can correct the errors

it is not necessary to install new electronics.

  The display remains dark.

- Indefinable characters are shown on the display.

-Time date are not shown in real time.

The temperature cannot be changed. Only "Cold" is displayed.

Other errors can also be repaired. Please call me about this

or tell me the error by email.

We will only repair electronics that so far

are defective but in their original condition.

The repair time is about 2 to three days.

You receive a 1 year warranty on the repair.

After the repair, the EDPW is tested in a machine.

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